Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Web Video Delivery Options

The following are the 2 main web video delivery options :

Streaming Video : Streaming media is live and/or archived audio or video content, delivered in almost real-time to an end user's computer via the Internet. It's also called video-on-demand. For large files, streaming is preferable to downloading because you do not have to wait for the file to download before viewing it. Downloading a video file can greatly increase the amount of time it takes to view a presentation. In addition, many computers do not have the storage capacity to store a long presentation. Streamed presentations are experienced as they are downloaded, and generally not stored on the clients system. Viewers do not need to wait for the entire file to download to experience it. Further, it allows the consumer to jump forward or backward to the section of the content of interest.

Progressive Video : Progressive downloads are files that are downloaded to the viewers computer. The files do not have to be completely downloaded before viewing begins (some media players have a "quickstart" feature) but the final result is that a copy of the movie exists on the viewers computer. For longer (larger) movies and smaller bandwidth versions or users, this may not be desirable. Determine your audience and their method of Internet connectivity when planning your video.


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